Level 1

  • Best fundamental course to teach an exercise-to-music group class and become a Certified Group Exercise Instructor (CGX)
  • Refine exercise techniques for most common group exercise movements
  • Make music your new best friend; learn to listen, move to the beat and cue your class

Level 2

  • Design and teach your own exercise-to-music group class
  • Different formats of group exercise (GX) and modalities which suit your personality
  • Learn how to select appropriate music and choreograph movements to music by music mapping
  • Know your anatomy and planes relevant for a group exercise instructor
  • Walk home with 1 new choreographed track; selected and designed by you
  • ‘Amplify Your Anthem’ – learn how to go from good to great as a CGX
  • Branding and marketing strategies to help you get your name out there


Level 1

  • Role of a CGX
  • Exercise techniques and muscles involved
  • Music: counting beats, moving to the beat and cueing your class
  • Basic instructional skills
  • Delivering a GX class

Level 2

  • Different formats of GX programs
  • Different class modalities
  • Anatomy and planes
  • Music mapping to a selected GX track
  • GX class design
  • Going from good to great
  • Branding and marketing strategies


  • CGX Level 1: Targets new GX instructors and/or regular GX exercisers who have an interest in teaching exercise-to-music group classes
  • CGX Level 2: For experienced and advanced GX instructors who have an interest in developing their own exercise-to-music group programmes




The Certified Group Exercise Instructor (CGX) is for those who love exercise-to-music classes and aspire to be an instructor for such classes.

CGX Level 1 will cover basics such as exercise techniques and moving to the beat of the music. Participants will leave being able to conduct an exercise-to-music sequence.

In CGX Level 2, students will learn how to create an exercise-to-music class from scratch using suitable music. Not only will students learn how to brand, market and sell their classes, but students will also discover how best to keep their class participants coming back for more.

This course will also delve into what it takes to be a fitness professional, including the knowledge and application of exercise science and role of a CGX.

Course Provider

Fitness Edutraining Asia – FEA

CEC Points

ACE 1.7 CECs

Course Duration

Level 1 – 6 hours (1 day)
Level 2 – 12 hours (2 days)

Course Time

9am – 4pm

Course Fee

RM 780

Learning Materials

Handouts, course manual and/or presentation slides

Level 1
• Sample of a GX class
• Exercise technique video

Level 2
• Clickmix; music access at USD 1 per song

Course Level

Level 1 – Entry level course with the objective of building a strong foundation needed as pre-requisite for other courses


Upon full attendance and completion of this workshop/course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Workshop/Course completion

Grading Criteria

Level 1
Practical exam:
Participants will teach a 90-second segment from the given templates and they will be evaluated on:
• Ability to perform movements with proper posture, alignment and techniques
• Ability to exercise to music
• Ability to give instructions and feedback
• Ability to deliver class smoothly and create a positive experience for class participants

Level 2
Practical exam:
Participants will teach the class they have designed and they will be evaluated on:
• Ability to introduce their program
• Creativity
• Achievement of class objective
• Intensity



Exam Fee

First retake: Free
Subsequent retake(s): RM 100 per retake

Dress Code

Fitness attire

What Do I Need To Bring?

Stationery and a spare change of clothes, phone & headset, laptop/tablet

Course Capacity

A minimum of 12 pax and a maximum of 20 pax



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